Perpetuation as a Compositional and Metaphorical Device: Defining The Loop


At the still point of the turning world: the end is only a beginning.

TS Eliot The Four Quartets

A fundamental part of the practice as one of the tools of transcription, has been the use of a device used to perpetuate sounds. Positioned between the performer and the space itself, it has acted as an interface, recording via a built in microphone or by direct input and is used as a means of documenting the sounds produced and of seamlessly and instantly relaying those digitally recorded sounds back into the space.

It also serves as a device that externalises and can make apparent the process of performance, whereby the iterative act of layered repetition has become a means or form of compositional process as a live event, whereby this recording is made live and played back live. It is an instant recording, both for the purposes of duplication and as way of conveying the indefinite perpetuation of the recorded sounds.