Sequences for Camera

Sequences for Camera, 2002-2005, (18 minutes)

Josie Rampley and a paper fortune teller
I am, a human being, in space (inside)
Francesca Rampley
Waistcoat, an exercise in Topology
Josie Rampley
Is that all there is? (Silent listening 1)
Francesca Rampley
Such a Perfect Day (Silent listening 2)
Josie Rampley
I am, a human being, in space, (outside)
Francesca Rampley
Looking for Infinity
Francesca and Josie Rampley & Tansy Spinks
Class Hats
Francesca Rampley and class register
She’s Leaving Home (Silent Listening 3)
Josie Rampley